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You deserve to be happy.
You have what it takess to succeed.
You should celebrate yourself daily.
You were placed on this planet to fullfill a purpose.
If you believe in yourself and work hard every day;
the RESULT of what you will accomplish will only be the beginning of your journey.

The Bliss Method

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, unworthy, or fearful of your goals? My 90-day coaching program is designed for you to help break those old patterns and beliefs and create new empowering habits. If you are finally ready for a breakthrough and a supportive, safe, I am excited to be part of this journey with you!
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Surround yourself with driven, like-minded women. Share your experiences and support each other in your journey. Building those connections in a sacred, loving, non-judgmental space. Together we will find clarity and work through those fears and tap into our personal power to live your best life.
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Meal Plans

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring (or hard). You’ll feel confident and love your body. We will go on a journey to not only transform your body but your perspective through various workouts and self-development. Create a beautiful, healthy body with your connection through self.
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Finding your inner Bliss

Would you love some personalized guidance and 1:1 support to release what is holding you back, find clarity on what your heart truly desires, and feel a more profound sense of self-love and acceptance?

In your first week, you will already feel more confident and ready for your long lasting change!

Have you been..

Reading articles, self-help books, and listening to various podcasts.
Still, you feel like something is missing?

Not able to call yourself out and breakthrough your habits?

Trying to set new habits: Gym, diet, meditation, but then again finding yourself back to where you started?

Feeling alone, sad, and stuck in your journey?

Feeling like you can't share it with your loved ones as they don't understand you?

After our coaching session you will be able to

Live with a positive mindset and embrace the moments around you.

Have clarity and confidence knowing there is something greater awaiting

Get rid of old habits and have new lasting healthy habits.

Feel fulfilled in your lasting journey.

LOVE your body!

With my 90-day Mind|Body|Soul Transformation you get:

  • Weekly Check In’s
  • Recommended Food List
  • Introduce new healthy habits
  • Transition to a healthy lifestyle
  • Worksheets
  • Bonus: Ebook

Why work with me?

When I completely lost sight of myself, I kept going downhill until it became so dark I saw no light for myself. 

I gained over 20lbs

I lost my confidence

I lost touch with myself

I couldn’t face my friends 

I couldn’t look at myself

I believed I would never be happy again

I know how alone one can feel and feeling overwhelmed with getting your life in order. It’s dark and lonely! Nobody should feel that way. 

We can work through this and find that light at the end of that tunnel. 

It’s never too late. It all begins with YOU!

Success Story

I started in Trish’s 90 day program at the end of October 2019. At the time I was not in the best place mentally, my energy was low and was on a downward spiral with my emotional eating. I was starting to gain weight because I was so unhappy with where I was in my professional life, then would put myself down for eating Junk food which only made me eat more, it was a vicious cycle. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much progress I could make in 90 days but I was tired of feeling run down, helpless and feeling like a victim so I figured what’s the worst that could happen. I remember our first session we went over my daily habits and what was working and what wasn’t working. We talked about where I wanted to be in 30 days and how I would hold myself accountable knowing Trish would be there to support me every step of the way. What I love most is that Trish takes a holistic approach with her program. It is a 360 degree total life transformation but everything is connected, mind, body and soul. She gave me tangible tools I could use to deal with my daily stressors and anxiety and how to replace my negative self-talk with positive affirmations. I learned to slow down instead of being in such a rush all the time and most importantly I found my inner voice again. I learned how to listen to my body cues and trust my gut when it comes to my food choices and exercise. No sessions were ever the same, she would have a new activity to try each week and I went away from our calls learning something new. I really believe she was put on earth to be a life coach, she is so passionate about what she does and you can really tell it comes from an honest and genuine place, she really cares about her clients! At the end of the program when we were going through my wins and seeing how far I had come I felt like she was happier for me than I was for myself! Trish, thank you for your beautiful energy, your words of wisdom and being a part of the most transformative three months of my life. I wholeheartedly mean it when I say I don’t recognize who I was three months ago and I know you are going to impact so many people’s lives for the better like you did mine.

This if for you if

  • You are sick of not meeting your goals.
  • You feel like you have lost your way.
  • You feel like there is nothing else for you
  • You feel like you’re on autopilot and need balance in your life.
  • You want to establish your mind + body connection.
  • You need one on one support and accountability in reaching your personal goals.
  • Interested in finding how to change your mindset

You want to get the STRONG, CONFIDENT, and BEAUTIFUL YOU!

Sounds like someone you know?
I want to help you reach your BLISS.
To feel BEAUTIFUL in everything you do.
All you need is to start showing up for yourself.
Let my program do the rest

The 1:1 Coaching Includes:

Initial 1:1 consultation

Let’s take 30-60 minutes, and we will start to uncover what changes you would want to see. We will review everything from your eating and sleeping habits. Then we will go in further to analyze your mood, energy levels, and what is causing you to stress.

After our initial session, we will set a goal we want to accomplish. It will allow me to put together a specialized plan specifically designed for you.

This 90-day program will also include:

  • Weekly Check In’s
  • Healthy Food List
  • Introduce new healthy habits
  • Transition to a whole Foods lifestyle
  • Worksheets
  • Bonus: Indulge your Sweet Tooth
  • Bonus: What to Eat Cheat Sheet

Are you ready to find your inner BLISS?!

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