Relaxing Helps you BURN Calories

Trying to lose weight you are probably trying every diet from the book. Along with those diets, you are pushing yourself and working hard to lose the few extra pounds. With your diet and working hard, you are most likely putting your body in stress mode. This is typically when your body is going through tension, anxiety and it affects our metabolism dramatically.

Think of a time when you were on vacation and you had eaten more than usual and haven’t gained any weight. I know you are probably thinking it’s because you were active but it’s actually because you are relaxed. Surprised? Our frame of mind changes when we travel and we are able to finally relax. This changes our metabolism to the point where we eat more and still maintain the same weight.

Now think of the time when you were strict with your diet and you saw no results. Sounds familiar? That’s because you werent’ relaxed or loving your body it was more about putting pressure on yourself for losing the few extra pounds. Whether this was for a wedding, birthday or getting that beach body with one month away from summer. Trust me I’ve been there and it’s more common than you think.

If you stress about fat it will increase fat.

Simply put anxiety about weight loss can cause your body to put fat on and retain it. Clinical studies have shown that conditions with high cortisol production are strongly associated with fat accumulation.  That’s because one of cortisol’s chemical responsibilities is to signal the body to store fat and not build muscle.

Many people complain and I have seen it firsthand where they’re eating fewer calories and exercising more, they still can’t lose weight.  More often than not, stress is the reason.  This is especially for those who see a major weight gain around the midsection This is especially as excess cortisol production has the interesting effect of fattening up the belly.

Challenge: Try a stress-free diet and notice the difference.