New York

New York City Travel Guide

New York has everything to indulge your needs. Everything from your foodie needs to nightlife; shall I say more? Growing up in NYC, I never thought of doing the “tourist” attraction until I finally moved away. Now, whenever I go back, I always love trying new places and going back to my old favorite spots. Here is my New York City Guide!

// Places to Eat \\

Artichoke Basille’s: One of the best spots to get pizza in NYC and it’s open late! The slices are perfect to take to go as it get’s time to find a spot to sit. Even when there’s a line up it’s totally worth the wait!

Playa Betty’s: This cute place felt like I was in California. Their menu was more of a beach style menu and you had everything from fries, tacos, enchiladas, burgers, and the portion size is very filling!

Levain Bakery: It’s six ounces of pure goodness! Menu is baked daily therefore if you get a chance to get it straight from the oven it’s your lucky day. Fun Fact: They get so busy that they have a “line cam”.

Absolute Bagels: Here you will find the best bagels in the city! Made fresh right in front of you and lots of cream cheese choices to top them off.

// Things to Do \\


I highly recommend walking everywhere as there are so many cool spots to see in every part of the city. You can also rent out the Citi bikes and all you need is to download an app on your phone. Drop the bike in the designated areas and come back to pick up another one later.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: It’s beautiful, one of my favourite things to do when I am visiting. I recommend spring time but there are seasonal activities as well.

Central Park: The park itself is very big and it’ll take you time to get around.

Broadway: When in NYC it’s a must to see at least one Broadway show. Growing up I always had the privilege of going to shows and it’s an experience I will never forget. Make sure to find tickets in advance to better plan your stay

Empire State Building: It’s more than just a view but you get to visit the world-famous landmark. It’s one of the most photgraphed building on the planet and known to be special for occasions such as anniversaries and engagements.

Top of the Rock: You get to see the most amazing view of the city and Central Park. It’s beautiful during the day and even at night to see the city. Highly recommend buying your tickets prior depending on the season.

// Amazing Instagram Spots \\

I always love finding New York City Guides but I thought I would also add some spots for cute pictures.

DUMBO: This iconic location you will be able to see the Brooklyn Bridge and take an amazing shot. I recommend walking over as it’s impossible to find parking to stop and take a photo.

Brooklyn Bridge: It’s a nice walk and you get to see an amazing view of the city. I would definitely make a day trip out of this and cross over to Manhattan to start your day.