What Makes Organic Wine Better?

Remember the moment you woke up with the worst hangover after having wine? If you were wondering what you drank, it was the wine. Organic and natural wines should be on top of your list next time you’re thinking of having a glass.

Why is Organic wine better?

Firstly, Organic wine won’t give you that horrible hangover. Organic is always better for you, and you’re supporting sustainable organic farming and production methods.

In your organic wine, you won’t find any GMO’s, no added sulfites, synthetic additives, and less sugar. Now there’s your answer for no headaches as there is a low sugar content in your wine.

Isn’t Organic wine expensive?

Organic wine used to be a rarity just because the shelf life was short, and the production cost was very high. But now with everyone focusing on their health and shopping organic. The number of organic vineyards globally tripled in the last decade.

However, when we are shopping for wine, not many of us apply the same standards when we do for our daily shopping needs. Shopping for wine should be addressed the same to compare the pros and cons of our purchase.

The average cost of organic wine varies by country. In Canada, for instance, in Ontario, you can purchase a bottle for around $15; meanwhile, in British Columbia, it would cost you more around $18.

But are we really going to worry about $3 extra dollars on a wine that’s significantly better for you?

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